I am a french freelance designer with a passion for creating meaningful and unique brand identities.

Below you can see examples of previous projects. From logo design to complete brand development, I strive to incorporate the client's vision and values into each project while also implementing my own creative ideas. I have worked with both local and international clients, and I am always excited to take on new challenges and help brands to grow.

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Finance and Strategy

Brief: "A logo design for a new team Finance and Strategy at Activision Publishing headquarters. The final design should be sleek and clean. Able to be embroidered / printed on clothing and merchandise."

Style: Serious, modern



Brief: "The design should communicate that the company that we will go the extra step to help our owners"

Style: Bold, upmarket

Marcus Wick Ministries

Christian ministry

Brief: "Logo for our ministry which is a teaching and prophetic ministry. Do not want crosses, doves or fire. No churches or bibles. We are however looking for a logo that is simple yet good looking in design"

Style: Serious, modern, masculine, upmarket

Pathways to Change


Brief: "It should convey hope, positive direction, grow row_folioth, progress, etc., but it should also not appear too frilly, feminine, or therapeutic."

Style: Bold, modern, pro, economical

Discount Restaurant Supply


Brief: "Convey a message of Money Saving, Smart, and tough."

Style: Bold, modern, pro, colorful

401K Land & Cattle LP

Cattle Industry

Brief: "Promote our ranch, where we raise quality beef & hay. Our ranch is in Texas and we would like to use certain aspects of the southwest that people would recognize."

Style: Serious, traditional, masculine, conservative

Radioactive Performance


Brief: "We would like to retain the radioactive symbol in our logo and possibly modify it or add to it to bring more speed/adrenaline/horsepower to it while keeping a little of the mysterious and "space-age" style. We would also like to keep the black and neon green colors. "

Style: Bold, playful, modern, colorful


Cattle Industry

Brief: "Logo for a ( car community app where people see each other ride , sell their cars , get latest news about cars )"

Style: Bold, modern, pro

Find That Look


Brief: "looking to get a porfessional logo created that is eye catching and brandable. I would like it to be relevant to the industry and consistant with the audience we are targeting which is women."

Style: Bold, playful, modern, colorful



Brief: "1-to-1 sessions but also online support and nutritional advice as well as structured training and nutritional plans online. I want to create a brand that I can grow row_folio once established as I have a great idea for an App.The logo needs to be transferable to a small App icon in the future. I want a logo that appeals to all. Colour selection is not overly important to me as long as it appeals to male and female and is clearly identifiable as a fitness brand. The name Fit-Hit is an abbreviation of fitness hit. To get your 'fitness hit' (like you would get your chocolate hit, or sugar hit)."

Style: Bold, playful, modern, colorful

Mickey and Minnie Vacations

Travel Agency

Brief: "Logo design for my travel agency. Travel agent who helps busy families plan their dream trip."

Style: Playful, personable, colorful


Talent agency

Brief: "We need a logo that encompasses an international mentality and class."

Style: Serious, upmarket



Brief: "Permacult will showcase the experiments and ideas applied in creative sustainable practices aimed at better general health and a faster restoration of the environment based on activities such as organic farming, agro-forestry, reforestation, and healing through food. In the future we plan to become a community to discuss and promote these subjects. "

Style: Elegant, Playful, modern

Camden Logistics


Brief: "A 1 year old company with currently no branding or website Camden Logistics. We are starting the process now. Currently servicing the North East in the US. We provide delivery to residential and business for companies. We use trucks, vans, and cars. "

Style: Modern, pro, colorful

Enwe Cycles

Electric bicycles

Brief: "We need a logo design for a new company called 'Enwe Cycles' we develop and manufacture innovative electric cycles including electric mountain bikes, electric urban bikes. We would like to see designs that use the color black or blue, with words 'Enwe Cycles', modern design, more high tech feel ."

Style: Conceptual, modern, masculine


Dental Clinic

Brief: "The name of our company is Ventura Dental Group, LLC. Ventura by definition is good fortune...good luck. We are a Dental practice management firm that wants to capture an adventurous spirit in a subtle way in our logo. As there is an adventure beginning for the new doctor out of dental school as well as a senior doctor retiring and going on with the next chapter in their life."

Style: Elegant, playful, modern, professional, colorful

Whisk and Nourish

Social account

Brief: "I Am after a logo for my instagram account Whisk and a Nourish. It is a place where I share photos of healthy sweet and savoury recipes that focus on wholesome, real ingredients. This logo would also be used on my Squarespace blog ( still under construction ). I am hoping for modern, fresh and fun design."

Style: Serious, traditional, conservative

Schmidt Solar

Renewable Energy

Brief: "The logo will be for a startup company that will focus on providing renewable energy solutions (solar energy) in developing countries. I'm looking for something innovative, sophisticated, elegant and simple. The final design should communicate innovation, excellence and change. "

Style: Symbolic, modern, pro

Greenwich Botanical Center


Brief: "Need new logo for 60 year old non-profit in Greenwich CT. Mission is to promote horticulture, conservation and the arts though classes, community service and special events such as an annual garden tour, dahlia show, floral design classes and science classes for kids. We are located in a park. Changing name of organization from Garden Education Center to Greenwich Botanical Center. New focus will be on teaching kids in our greenhouse."

Style: Elegant, modern, upmarket

Focus Funding


Brief: "We need a logo design for a litigation funding company. The name of the company is Focus Funding. The logo should be simple, but strong. The legal industry is conservative, so stay away from bright colours, flowing lines etc. For the same reasons, we would prefer a logo which is text focussed. We are not closed to the idea of a picture to go along with the text, but it would need to be in line with the above and not corny (e.g. no scales of justice etc.) . "

Style: Bold, serious, professional, conservative, upmarket

Guadalupe Gas


Brief: "We are purchasing a company that currently has no "logo" but only using text format for marketing. We would like to update the branding and include a logo. This is a propane company located in South Central Texas. The colors are a dark hunter green and white. The company is well established and has been locally owned and operated since 1947, however we would like to see some improved branding including the introduction of a new logo."

Style: Serious, traditional, masculine



Brief: "Our company is approaching 100 years in business and to celebrate we are taking the special business partners who have gotten us to this point on a high-end exclusive trip....meaning beaches and sun :) We need a logo that signifies this group of people. The logo will be utilized in print and online before, during and after the event.. "

Style: Professional, upmarket

Towards Airline


Brief: "Design a logo for a privately owned airline company . The design needs to have an American look and feel. Airline will be able to travel anywhere in the world. Airline company is based out of Los Angeles, California. The company has a fleet of 300 seat passenger planes, 180 seat passenger planes, and smaller short range private jets."

Style: Modern, professional, masculine, upmarket


TV Networks

Brief: "logo design for a new non-fiction TV production company based in NY. The name of the company is Exit Four and we'll be pitching / producing for networks ranging from Food to History to A&E to HGTV, Discovery, MTV, etc. Because those are so many different brands, I'm looking for something kind of clean, minimal, and modern - I've been thinking about something. "

Style: Bold, modern, pro

Soul Energy Coaching

Health And Wellness

Brief: "I need a simple logo design that communicates balance, energy, transformation. Somehow including the Yin and Yang sign could be a possibility. Through health coaching, I help my clients (mainly women) tap into their intuition and improve their health, lifestyle and mindset, all this will result in a higher energy level, positive mindset and profound and lasting change. Nice to have a yin and yang sign"

Style: Playful, personable, colorful

Centre de réparation mobile


Brief: "We would like a professional logo that kill our competitor's logo and we have a big confidence in you. Maybe add something like a smarthphone to the concept but nothing to fency because we would like to keep it professional."

Style: Bold, modern, colorful

Grow Physiotherapy


Brief: "The business will be treating pelvic floor patients (issues associated with continence, prolapse and sexual pain) so mostly pregnancy and post natal care plus older women. "

Style: Elegant, serious, modern, economical

Apple Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Brief: "We would like our logo to be clean and modern. It will ideally read clearly within a small rectangle shape with a ratio of 5:2. The logo should read well in both small and large sizes and will be used on our website, business cards and letterheads and also on company vans. Ideally the logo will have an icon/image that will also act as a favicon on our website. It could incorporate elements of a property/building."

Style: Pictorial, modern, colorful



Brief: "Mason logo for Germany. Want the same colors as the german flag (black, red and yellow). It's best without the domain text."

Style: Pictorial, modern, professional



Brief: "We need a logo design for a comparator web of financial products. We took time to market comparators and we have started a new company called CREDEXIA, which we want the corporate image. We compare credit cards, loans, insurance and mortgages for our users. "

Style: Wordmark, modern, professional

Ivy Lane Equine

Pet Care

Brief: "Needing an eye catching logo for a new Equine Agistment Facility. We offer 5 Star Full Care Agistment specialising in the care of horses. We want something modern yet sophisticated, fun and a little quirky. Love it to be a little feminine and pastel / watercolours. But open to any suggestions!"

Style: Playful, modern, feminine, upmarket

B travel


Brief: "We need a logo for our travel and tourism agency " B Travel " Our services are: fly tickets, Traveling Programs , and everything else about travel and tourism. Should be a new and unique idea, attractive colors, with plane."

Style: Bold, modern, professional, colorful

Noble Heights


Brief: "We need a new logo for our nonprofit, Noble Heights. Mission is: To carry people with disabilities where their hearts desire, allowing them to see, experience and witness what they never thought possible."

Style: Serious, modern, colorful, upmarket

Escape Room Ashburn


Brief: "Escape Room Ashburn is a business where friends, family, co-workers get together to be locked in a themed room and must use the clues to solve puzzles and escape room before time runs out. The logo should be easily printed on a T-Shirt and business cards. I am looking for something that will later on be printed on a sign outside of the building as well. I would like the logo to be fun, exciting, attracts the eye, professional, clean, and easily legible."

Style: Bold, playful, parsonable. No cliparts or any stock images.


Art Gallery

Brief: "We are a new art gallery set to open in San Francisco within the month. We carry colorful pop art as well as sculpture and metal works. Our logo should be modern, not too busy using our name "Zoom" or the letter "Z" or a combination of the 2. The logo will be used on all our stationary, as retail signage, branding items. We hope to open a series of these concept galleries across the US and possibly internationally. We need a logo that can appeal to a broad range of clients. We do not want a "Pop Art " stereotypical logo since we will be carrying a variety of art."

Style: Serious, modern, colorful, upmarket

Tru Blu Solutions

Residential Construction

Brief: "We are a small drafting company specializing in residential construction plans. We also handle a lot of the permitting documentation for the construction of these projects. I would like a logo that has the name of the company "Tru Blu Solutions", as well as a trademark/ symbol that could stand alone if that makes any sense."

Style: Bold, serious, professional

Smith & Forest

Art Gallery

Brief: "We need an icon design for a new company based in Calgary, Alberta Canada called "Smith & Forest". We have online sales of beautiful high quality gift boxes featuring all Canadian products mainly made by local artisans and small businesses. The gift boxes are curated rather then "build your own" and products range from beauty products, yoga products, house-warming items, baby blankets and products, etc."

Style: Modern, conservative, upmarket. Dark grey/ black and a dark olive greeny-grey color.

Taiyaki Cafe


Brief: "Opening up a taiyaki ice-cream store in the united states. My store name is going to be Taiyaki Cafe. im looking for a simple emblem. see uploads for inspirations."

Style: Elegant, traditional, personable

Center For Wellness

Alternative Medicine

Brief: "We are an Integrative medicine practice based in Los Angeles. We support patients health through natural treatments and therapies like homeopathy, natural supplements, osteopathy, and energy healing. We want to emphasize natural, human relationships/connection and medicine in our logo. If we can also emphasize movement in our logo, nothing too two dimensional."

Style: Pictorial/Combination Logo. Elegant, playful, modern

Place Photography

Real Estate

Brief: "The final design should be contemporary, professional, clean and simple--can be text only. The business name is "Place Photography", but "Place" should be much more prominent and "Photography" should almost be treated as a subhead/tagline."

Style: Wordmark Logo, serious, professional, masculine, conservative

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of California


Brief: "This logo is for an official affiliate of the Republican Party. I will provide examples of what we are looking for. This organization will reach out to the hispanic community in California and educate them on our core republican beliefs and values. This will be an official institution affiliates with the National Assembly."

Style: Pictorial/Combination Logo. Elegant, playful, modern


IT Company

Brief: "New Logo for company (our tag line is "ride the cloud" - we are a cloud company and host applications and do DR. We are looking to modernize our look and feel - sophisticated, elegant, secure and high performance. Nuvollo started with the ambition of being a next generation cloud IaaS company, and quickly realized that while most enterprises are looking for some IaaS, the real headaches most often come from running, securing and scaling applications that could run more efficiently and provide greater flexibility when running in a cloud or hosted environment. Nuvollo leveraged its expertize in IT consulting, running and managing mission critical business applications to create a new kind of cloud company focused on delivering "the Right End-to-End Customer Experience."

Style: Sophisticated, elegant, secure, performance

Artemis Farms

Family owned farm

Brief: " We would like our logo to depict the image of the goddess somehow with possible nods to nature. We like how the Starbucks logo incorporates both the image of the mermaid in a simplified fashion while also showcasing the name of the business. We'd rather not have any specific crops featured in the logo at this time."

Style: Elegant, conservative, traditional



Brief: "We are looking for a professional logo for a U.S. based logistics company that provides trucking, 3PL, warehousing, and freight brokerage services for food production companies. We want to be able to clearly see the design in color."

Style: Serious, professional, masculine, conservative

JSF Property Group


Brief: "Creation of a logo that reads JSF Property Group and below read Commercial - Residential. Please use red as color with Black / Gray type. The logo portion should resemble the shape of a rooftop, similar to how CBS Group did. I've attached their logo as a starting point."

Style: Elegant, conservative, traditional


Family crest

Brief: "I am looking for help building a lasting family crest. My family currently doesn't have one but I would like to be able to leverage and incorporate some really cool pieces of our family background into a lasting symbol for the future. I should note that while a crest is traditionally old school - I am looking for new ideas and a modern twist. The following are things I would like to incorporate: - a mountain goat, tiger, boar and wolf - I would also like to incorporate some element of the Croatian shield along with an element of several other coat of arms. I have attached examples for your reference. - I would also like to incorporate a maple leaf - from the Canadian flag."

Style: Emblem logo, bold, traditional, personable



Brief: "We need a logo design for a new Brand for Luxury Bathroom Furniture called "Vaniture". This name is inspired from " Vanities from the Nature " as all of our vanities and storage units are made of high grade plywood which is our main competitive advantage, and the finish for most of our products are veneer (real hand-crafted timber/wood) that gives the ultra luxurious and rich look. Our products include vanity units,vanity basins, bathroom storage, trays, accessories and mirror units. We are looking for elegant and expressive logo design that give the positive and luxurious impression from the first glance."

Style: Elegant, conservative, upmarket


Brief: "We need a modern, fresh logo for a bot platform With Turbo you can create a personal bot or a bot for your business in minutes. No coding required. This is a bot building platform. Bots are for messaging, so messaging should be incorporated into the icon. Since turbo is associated with high performance and speed, it also could be part of a the logo."

Style: Flat, rememberable, associated with high speed

Galilee Solicitors


Brief: "New logo for a boutique national law firm (6 offices / 150 staff), whose major clients are banks / mortgage lenders. Galilee Solicitors provides legal services predominately to mid-tier mortgage lenders. Our clients own customers ultimately consume our services, and therefore our brand / logo needs to sit well next to major australian lending brands."

Style: Elegant, conservative, upmarket

North West Labs


Brief: "Toxicology / Urine Drug Screening / Blood Work / DNA testing / Newborn testing / numerous other types of testing, similar to that of Quest Diagnostics. We would like something classy, elegant, something that makes it pop when you look at it. Not too many colors."

Style: Bold, serious, modern, professional, upmarket

Transport Buff International


Brief: "New/updated logo for an existing machine/manufacturing company. We manufacture, service and support the AirCrafter buffing and grinding system. The system is sold to industrial tank, airline, marine and food service companies and used to clean and polish stainless steel as well as aluminum equipment. Myself along with two other partners have recently acquired the business. Updating branding and marketing is one of our first priorities. ."

Style: Playful, modern, professional, masculine

Elevon Wealth Management

Financial Planning

Brief: "We need a logo design for a new company based in San Francisco called Elevon Wealth Management. We are a team of creative and vibrant professionals passionate about helping our clients organize and simplify their financial life. We believe that every client deserves a personalized financial plan and an investment solution best suited to reach their financial goals. We meet with our clients regularly to ensure that their plan stays on track as their life unfolds. We manage our client’ financial needs utilizing an organized and disciplined process. Though we use financial models and historical data to guide our investment strategy, much like a compass, we recognize that it takes a pilot with the ability to bank and turn when the markets don’t cooperate or when unexpected levents happen. This is the nature of our name - an elevon is the part of an aircraft that allows a pilot to control flight pitch and roll. Like elevons on a plane, we help our clients maneuver through the complexities of their financial lives so they can get safely where they want to go."

Style: Elegant, modern, professional, upmarket



Brief: "Website that will offer daily deals for DIY and lifestyle (furniture and accessories) products. The name of the website will be Bricodeal.Needs to be simple, clear and recognisable. Main color ORANGE ."

Style: Playful, modern, professional, masculine

Carolina Haddad, DDS

Dental Clinic

Brief: "Design a logo for a young dentist serving upscale patients. The office is stylish, serene and comfortable. It does not look medical or like a typical dentist office. The waiting room has champagne. For the logo, soft, thin or cursive fonts are preferred. The logo should include a graphic element of a tooth. Communicate the following: This is an expert dentist. Does medical and cosmetic dentistry. Offers a very comfortable and upscale environment."

Style: Elegant, modern, feminine, upmarket


Health And Wellness

Brief: "We need a logo design for an existing software development company based in Australia. The company is called ScriptSoft. We have a focus on developing software for the Health and Pharmacy Industry but also develop software for General Business."

Style: Playful, modern, professional, masculine

Shopping App


Brief: "We need the design for a shopping app on the iPhone. You can use the app to choose articles (food, beverages, detergents, sanitary products, i.e. all you buy in a supermarket), put them in a shopping basket, mark, whether they have been bought etc. The app does all the things a typical app should do to make shopping easier. The icon should give an obvious indication that the app is for shopping. That is most important. Maybe some articles are shown, maybe also a shopping basket. Then the icon should have a good design. The articles should be presented in an interesting, pleasant, perhaps remarkable way."

Style: Bold, playful, modern



Brief: "We need a logo for our NGO named ECHRA, a social fund aimed to help children in Africa. We have developed a logo but we are not happy with it yet. It is not refined and still to dry. We would like some totally new proposals and maybe our draft further developed. Echra is dedicated to develop and finance housing projects, malnutrition projects, health stations and vaccine programs in Africa. Echra also supports small farming. The main focus of ECHRA are children."

Style: Elegant, playful, modern

La Grenade Group

Food consulting

Brief: "Newly formed company looking for a logo design that will be used on all materials including business cards, letterhead etc. The company is focused on health and wellness in the food space. It is a food consulting and marketing group as well as a distributor of jams, jellies and sauces from the Caribbean."

Style: Decorative, elegant, modern, feminine, upmarket

O'Neal Solutions

Management Consulting

Brief: "We need a logo design for a new company based in Scottsdale AZ called "O'Neal Solutions". We are an Executive Management Company. Our primary focus is evaluating and consulting executive management teams to best develop company brand, growth and efficiencies. Need eye catching, bold memorable logo to impress customers."

Style: Elegant, playful, modern

Clark Mansion


Brief: "Need a logo for family mansion."

Style: Elegant, conservative, upmarket


Delivery Service

Brief: "New logo for 'fast food' home delivery in Australia. it's uber for KFC and burgers and donuts. A memorable logo with image. Fooba = fast food home delivered."

Style: Bold, playful, modern, colorful


GPS Tracker

Brief: "What we will sell GPS Tracker "Kids watch, watch adult and Animals collar" What we love: We love the logo attached to this project goal we can not use it, whose Because We own it. - 2 wristbands crossing Each Other - The wristbands give an illusion of a heart shape. - Very simple logo. - Flat look The will be logo use: - Print on our products - Inside our ios and Android apps - Packaging and promotional items What we want: - An illusion of a heart shape - Love the idea of ​​2 wristbands making the shape - Need to be flat."

Style: Elegant, modern, personable, economical

HWB Construction


Brief: "A unique, simple and modern logo design. Target : Main Contractors and Homeowners."

Style: Bold, serious, modern, masculine

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